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SDES Personnel Action Form
Basic Information
Pay Rate Information

Additional Funding Department(s)
This field is optional. If you plan to split fund this position, please fill in the additional department number(s) and appropriate percentages.

Personnel Action Information

Action Type
Depending on the option selected, you may be required to write a justification on the confirmation page.

A "contingent" hire enables the hiring department to make a job offer contingent upon successful completion of a background check. The "pro" is that we can start an employee faster with this option (potentially even before the background check is completed). The "con" is the department will not receive confirmation of the background investigation unless there is an issue. Additionally the University reserves the right to terminate employment with the applicant should the results of the background investigation not be satisfactory.

With a "standard" hire, HR will conduct the background check and confirm the background investigation is satisfactory prior to issuing an employment agreement. The "con" is that the start date may be delayed by up to 10 business days. Even with the additional processing time, some positions based on access, security, etc. should proceed with a standard hire. This is determined by the department director and/or AVP/SLT member.

Criminal History
If your applicant has disclosed they have a criminal history on their UCF application, you will be required to select the radio button to the right and also provide justification on the confirmation page how the criminal charge should not negatively affect their candidacy.